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Sabja Seeds [Basil Seeds]

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Sabja Seeds price is India is economic and cheap because of Indian cultivation, Sabja seeds cost price is just starting from 250₹ and increasing as per quantities. Here are some benefits of basil seeds:-
  • Weight Loss Management: The high amount of omega three fatty acids make these super seeds a perfect thing to add to your daily meal and lose weight effectively.
  • Good for skin: Basil seeds or Sabja Seeds are crushed into oil to reduce infections in wounds, cuts, bladder infections, skin infections.
  • Relieves in cold and flu: Consumption of basil seeds can prevent you from cold and flu.
  • Helps in digestion: basil seeds are generally utilized to offer rest from stomach upset.
  • Reduces body heat (Detox Drink): Basil seeds/ Sabja Seeds are perfect to consume during summers by adding to your drinks. It helps in reducing body heat as these seeds work as a natural coolant.
Popularly known Sabja seeds is also known as falooda seeds, basil seeds or tukmaria seeds.
Attention Please! We care for you.... Basil seeds are an "Emmenagogue" herb which stimulates blood flow in the pelvic areas & uterus, stimulating menstruation. In case of pregnancy, Basil seeds are prone to cause uterine contractions and lower down the levels of estrogen in the body. We advice you to consult your doctor if you are pregnant before consuming Basil seeds regularly.

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