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Bamboo Shoot Pickle
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Bamboo Pickle [Bans ka Achar]

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  • Bamboo Pickle or Bans ka Achar are prominent in Arunachali cuisine. Shredded
    Bamboo shoots are blended with authentic North Eastern spices to make a crisp and chewy pickle that is a true specialty.
  • Bamboo Pickle are one of the most healthy products available. It helps in
    controlling bad cholesterol, promotes healthy weight loss, boosts immune
    system, reduces the risk of cancer and much more.
  • Bamboo shoot pickle are sliced and processed carefully in a hygienic condition, which are then pickled through a special recipe to create a spicy and aromatic pickle. Now feast on this delicious, fiber & mineral rich pickle without any guilt and regret.
  • Bamboo Pickle does not have onion and garlic! Taste the best NO onion, NO garlic pickles online.

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