About us

What is NUTRI FOREST all about?



Nutri Forest as the name suggests is a brand offering Authentic and Pure products which will become a part of a balanced diet. We have a wide range of fast-moving consumer goods starting from home-made pickles to bio-degradable goods, right at your doorstep. Our products are made with love, perfection and care, to deliver the best quality to you.


So, don’t worry, we have got you covered, all you have to do is - order a product made with love and we will deliver that experience to your homes, coz we care.  


Want to know our range of products?

Currently, we are offering Achars & Pickles in over 200 flavours. The ones you have heard before –

Amla Pickle, Green Chilli in Vinegar, Ginger in Vinegar, Ghobhi Gajar Shalgam Pickle, Lime Pickle, etc.

And the ones you have never heard before –

Amra Pickle, Bamboo Pickle, Karela Pickle, Jackfruit Pickle, Kamal Kakdi Pickle, Karonda Pickle, etc. 

We are also selling Murabbas in over ------ flavours like --------------------- and various other products which completes a meal like Mukhvaas, --------.


You must be wondering how we ensure such nutrition in our products?

Our Unique Selling Point is QUALITY. Quality is maintained at each stage of production from acquiring/growing raw materials until packaging and labelling. We follow Total Quality Management Technique i.e. ensuring Quality at each stage enables us to deliver a highly balanced nutritious product at your homes and by purchasing raw material directly from the farmers.

We add no artificial sweeteners or artificial preservatives because our products are made with fresh and quality raw material, to ensure our promise of pure and healthy products. We also follow various costing techniques to reduce wastage in raw material, work in progress and finished goods. 



Want to know what our Logo is trying to tell you?

 (logo picture on the left and text on the right in front of it)

A logo represents the organization and communicates the perception and objectives of the brand without words, in the most elegant way.

Our logo exhibits Tomato, Cheese, Carrot and a Bowl. What do you think we are trying to communicate? Our logo is telling you our story, our beliefs and our perceptions.

Our logo signifies High Quality, it signifies nutrition at its best. Our logo is telling you that the products at Nutri Forest are made from pure raw material derived directly from forests. Our products will remind you of home because they are just like your mom used to make.

The tomato, cheese and carrot in the logo emphasise our goal to deliver home-made, high on nutrients, bio-degradable products which have excellent quality and the bowl signifies saving by reusing and recycling.


What is our Philosophy? What you can expect from us in future?

Nutri Forest has a Philosophy to give back to society more than what it derives from society. It has a Philosophy to give back to nature because nature has been giving us from millions of years and now its time that we protect and preserve our Mother Earth.

We aim at adding new nutritive, premium quality and affordable products each day because we believe in growing each day a little.  

We believe in the quote, “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. We are joining hands with innumerable less advantaged people so that we can grow together and go far.

We also aim to make biodegradable packaging and add our range of biodegradable products like ---------------------- to give back to the environment and our future generations.


Mission Statement – The mission of Nutri Forest is to reach every home through its premium quality and affordable products while doing right by all its stakeholders.


Vision Statement– Nutri Forest’s vision is to be the best online platform for delivering healthy, organic and biodegradable products while empowering the less advantaged people and increasing the life expectancy.