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Our success story from where we started and how ended up with an online portal www.nutriforest.in, to serve the nation.

How a tough journey paved way for India’s Best Pickles Giant – SHRI KRISHNA PICKLES

Shri Krishna Pickles brings to you its online portal www.nutriforest.in to reach every home in India and abroad with Achar & Pickles with the same homely taste.

Shri Krishna Pickles is named after its founder-owner Mrs. Krishna Yadav who paved a way for her family through the difficult times where they were deep in debt to a time where they give employment to 1000s of women in India.

During a pep talk, Krishna Ji told her journey to the world and it is so inspiring that it can encourage anybody who thinks their ship is sinking and can give them hope to re-build their ship.

She said –

“Jab aisa smay aa jaye ki humei lage hum
kuch nhi kar sakte, vha hmara zero number hota hai,
toh vha se kaise uthe…? Toh vha parmatma humei
himmat dete hai ki agar iss dunia mei ayah ai toh tu
kuch karne hi aya hai, toh himmat kar aur kuch karke dikha”,

- Means that every person comes in this world with a purpose, every person has a talent hidden in them, so they should take the reins of their circumstances in your hands and think to achieve big.   

Mrs. Yadav and her family belongs to Bulandshahr, UP in India where her used to have a job and started a business later. They had a house and even a car there. The things were going good, then suddenly everything started going downhill when her husband incurred huge losses in his business and owed thousand of rupees to others. They lost all hope but then Krishna ji suggested that we should move to another place and do some labour to earn their children a living.

They moved to Delhi with just Rs. 500 they tried to find a job but did not get any, finally they got some agriculture work as started doing Kisaani and used to sell it in the market. But nevertheless, it could not earn them enough to earn a decent living. Then one day Krishna Ji saw a programme at DD channel which showed an ad for vocational training in Vigyan Kendra for unemployed people. When they contacted Krishi Vigyan Kendra for such a training they came to know about a training for making Achar & Pickles & Murabbas. This is the place which taught Krishna Ji Achar Bnane ki vidhi. This training opened new doors for this family who was struggling each day to just make enough money to survive.


She got trained in making various pickles like Mirch Achar (Chilli Pickle), Gajar Achar (Carrot Pickle), Gobhi Achar (Cauliflower Pickle) etc. After her training she took the courage to make 5kgs of her 1st batch of pickles. At the time she did not know that the same pickle will become India’s best pickles someday. Then she told her husband to try the pickle and he liked it, but it was not saleable in the market as it was not acceptable in this unpacked form. They were again turned down by their destiny, but Krishna Ji still did not lose hope she decided to fight back.

She suggested that they should put a jar of her pickles along with the vegetables which they sell on a roadside table. In this way whoever will buy their vegetables they can request them to try their Achar and this way they will able to market their product on their own. These were the signs that one day she will be a big and successful Pickle Manufacturer.

The road where they put their table was not a busy road so they were defeated again by circumstances, but Mrs Yadav suggested that they should find a way to stop the passers-by. She thought that they should keep drinking water at their table which would prompt them to stop and drink water. This way they will be able to make them taste their home-made pickle and market it. Although Krishna Ji also lost her courage when a few times her Achar bnane ki vidhi failed and the end-product did not turn out to be tasty. Here her family stood by her side like her backbone and gave her strength to make variety of Achar & Pickles & Murabbas.


Finally, one day they decided to expand this business venture from a home factory to a formal company. For almost a year they kept wearing down their heels to get a registration for their company but faced failures. Their destiny played a role here and they got introduced to a benevolent man who helped them get a registration for their company. Finally, the day came when the best Pickle Manufacturer of the country was founded by the name of - SHRI KRISHNA PICKLES.  

This company grew from one woman to a few 4-5 people who made Achar & Pickles & Murabbas, further they grew and bought a plot of 5000 Sq. Feet for their 1st factory and then another company was registered and then another. Today, Mrs. Yadav is the owner of 5 companies and is giving employment to 1000s of people who were struggling to earn a living, just like she did in her beginning years.

Today Shri Krishna Pickles has a turnover in the figures of crores. Even after achieving such success she is a grounded woman who believes in Simple Living and High Thinking. This thinking has kept her connected to her roots and she trains woman from very poor areas like Bihar, Rajasthan, even Delhi. A lot of woman from various states and institutes come to their factories for practicals and trainings. She has a viewpoint that she wants to pass on her knowledge to others who are in a need.

She does so because she believes that if a woman can cook in the house, then she can make highly saleable items also. She makes sure to show flour plant, oil plant, fields and everything around to people who visits their factories to encourage them and pass on the knowledge which they have acquired in all these years. This is her way of giving back to the society, the agriculture industry.



nutri forest pickles award

In 2013 the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit was organized, at the time, CM of Gujarat was the present PM Shri Narendra Modi who honoured Mrs. Krishna Yadav with Rs. 51000 as Kisan Samman. In fact, she also got the golden opportunity to meet the then President Pratibha Patel in 2010 for narrating her journey.

krishna pickles

On 8th March 2016, she was facilitated with Nari Shakti Samman 2015 Award by Government of India, Ministry of Women and Child Development. Also, Haryana government awarded her with the state’s 1st Champion of Mahila Kisan Award for Innovative Idea.



The USP of Shri Krishna Pickles is QUALITY & TASTE. They believe that if they want to stick in this competitive market they should not compromise on quality of their pickles. She believes that if they offer good quality product then people will be attracted to buy their products and their best marketing source would be by word of mouth of their happy consumers. Therefore, they still strictly follow their Achar bnane ki vidhi at each step of the production to maintain the same home-made taste which made them popular in the first place.

Although Krishna Ji started the brand with a few varieties of Achar & Pickles & Murabbas but she kept innovating it each day and today Shri Krishna Pickles sells over 200 varieties of pickles. She believes in innovation because in her mind set never say no to a customer, they should have every variety a customer demands in order to serve the best.

They also ensure that the pickle is good for health and the oil, vegetables and other ingredients used are good for the health of their consumers.

These are the factors which made them India’s best pickles company.


Mrs. Yadav believes that what is important in the agriculture industry is to know what are the premium products which should be reaped in order to sell at the best prices in the market. For example, Jeera (Cumin), Aloe Vera, Saunf (Anise), etc. are highly marketable products.

She also wants to convey that innovation is important even in agriculture industry like people are growing and selling wheat. Rather they should learn to process it into Flour or Sooji (Semolina) or Dalia (Porridge) etc. This would increase the value of the product in the market and it would be saleable at 3 times more rate than the primary produce. This line of thought is directly linked to PM Narendra Modi’s vision of strengthening the Kisan of India.

WHAT IS www.nutriforest.in?

The company Shri Krishna Pickles which was started as a home factory of Achar & Pickles & Murabbas by a woman with just Rs. 2000, years back, is now online. You can now buy achar online at www.nutriforest.in which will ensure the same home-cooked taste with premium quality, convenience of online buying, delivery and affordable costs.

The range of the product starts with basic Achars & Pickles like Amla Pickle, Carrot Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Combined Gobhi-Gajar-Shalgam Pickle, Green Chilli Pickle, etc. and has some exquisite, acquired and rare varieties like Bamboo shoot pickle, Karela Pickle, Kathal Pickle etc. with prices starting just from Rs. 200 a jar.

Now you can experience the taste of Krishna Ji’s 200 varieties of pickles while sitting at home just a click away. All you have to do is place an order at our website to buy achar online and leave the rest to us. We will deliver you the Best Achar Experience right at your home.


In her own words,

“Koi bhi nirash na hoke baithe,
jo bhi kaam apke hath mei aa ra hai,
usse kre, kyun ki koi kam chota bda ni hota.
Kisi bhi kaam ko mehnat, lagan aur imandari
se krenge toh safal honge”,
- Means that one should not lose hope and do whatever work he/she gets with complete dedication and honesty, success is inevitable.